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Friday, February 24, 2006

Laptops Have Legs!

An article in the Westchester Journal News Friday (2/24) by Jorge Fitz-Gibbon reports on a missing laptop, with some very interesting data on it: "New York City police and Department of Environmental Protection officials are searching for a stolen laptop computer that includes diagrams of the city water supply system."

Although DEP officials don't believe the info was of a serious security nature,
they're looking into the possibility that the employee losing the laptop was in violation of their computer use policy: "Michaels also said the computer was stolen from a DEP vehicle on Monday night. He said investigators from the city Department of Investigation and the New York City Police Department believe it was a random crime." The laptop was left in a car, which was vandalized with other cars in the same lot.

Laptops have legs!


  • How many times have we read about some government workers laptop that has "sensitive" data on it getting stolen or for that matter someone in the private sector with a list of their companys employees complete with identifying private information like social security numbers. It amazes me that government or companies in the private sector dont install traceback programs on these laptops or insist on some sort of data encryption or security logon schemes that'll stop the "average" thief from accessing and exploiting the data.A good example of a traceback program can be found at, of course these programs raises a whole new set of security related questions.

    By Blogger bglennon, at 11:36 AM  

  • Damm I forgot, Frist.

    Opps wrong blog category.

    By Blogger bglennon, at 11:39 AM  

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