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Thursday, March 30, 2006

My interview on BusinessWeek TV

... will be broadcast this weekend (4/1-4/2), on BusinessWeek Weekend. I was interviewed about a phishing exploit that's just staring to hit some major financial institutions and costing in the millions. Next week's BusinessWeek magazine will have an article about the phish, but the TV show will have an advance piece.

Here in the NYC metro area, BusinessWeek TV airs Sunday AM at 11:30 on channel 7, WABC. To find out the times in your area, Business Week has a zip code finder on the web that locates stations that nationally syndicate the program.

I haven't seen it yet, and some of you will see it before I can, so I can't promise how much of me will be on the air vs. the cutting room floor.
Although the NYC air time is fine, BWTV airs at some pretty odd times in other markets, owing to its syndicated nature. You might want to tape or TIVO it.

I'll have more later about this interesting exploit...


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