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Monday, February 27, 2006

Spyware Is Real

An article by Tom Zeller Jr. on the front page of the NY Times today (2/27) clearly shows how the spyware and keylogger threat has morphed over the last year. He also has a sidebar with some helpful hints.

My most recent book, "Phishing: Cutting the Identity Theft Line", is the first text to offer a thorough description of phishing, spyware and keyloggers. It also presents a clear plan of action for corporations as well as home Internet surfers.

You can read an excerpt (provided by SearchSecurity) here, and Tony Bradley posted a five-star review on " enjoyable and educational book...Phishing covers the information that readers need to know to protect themselves as well as providing information that companies can use to prevent their servers from being used in phishing attacks...This is an excellent book that just about anyone who uses computers should read".

But if there was any doubt that spyware is today's #1 threat to Internet users, the NY Times just dispelled it.


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