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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I recently gave testimony ...

.. to the Westchester County Board of Leglislators about the proposed "Public Internet Protection Act" which promotes wireless security in public places like hotels and cafes. While it's obviously not a complete solution, it's a good first step in helping protect data on the wired LAN.

A CNN posted a good AP article about the act, "N.Y. county mandates wireless security."

An interesting nugget from the piece is this: "Norman Jacknis, the county's chief information officer, said that when the law was being considered officials detected 248 wireless networks during a 20-minute drive through downtown White Plains. Nearly half had no visible security."

This is not uncommon stats for wireless nets. It's important for all wireless users, especially businesses using wireless routers, to aware of the threats and vulnerabilities to private data.

There are several good books out about Wi-Fi security, and one of them is my book: "Wireless Security Essentials."

Safe computing!


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