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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Germans Shut Down The Ohm Project

In a move reminiscent of the recent ACLU revealing of the abuse of FBI "national security letters", The Ohm Project ( was knocked off the Internet yesterday. Both The Ohm Project and E-Tunnels went dark on Wednesday about midday Central European time. Like the FBI letters, this creates a remarkable Catch-22 for the site's provider E-Tunnels:

"When an inquiry was made to the service provider, he said that "the German police" had made three complaints beginning about a month ago about unspecified "abuse" originating from one of the IP addresses assigned to E-Tunnels. The service provider,, claimed that he had been prohibited by the authorities from relaying the complaints to E-Tunnels even though they were the only party able to respond to the situation or correct it.

The Ohm Project is a highly recommended site providing information about threats to Internet privacy and freedom along with advice and tips about how to fight back against these encroachments.

This follows on the heels of last years strict German hacking law, that rules that even possessing computer security testing tools can be proof of intent to hack systems, which make Certified Ethical Hacking (the good guys) more difficult.

Boris Vilde has started "The Ohm Project in Exile" on blogger here. Please help him any way you can.


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